Three business fields for BMG

Under the Company Philosophy of “We serve human health care across the world, by way of research and development of better biomaterial products and providing innovative solutions in the medical field.”, BMG is developing the next generation technology in the field of regenerative medicine and supporting human’s sound healthcare.
“BioDegmer®” business field
BMG is contributing to the progress of medical technology by way of developing and producing wide range of bio-absorbable polymer including the polymer for nation’s firstly approved bio-absorbable medical suture.
New products business field
Making use of own advanced professional techniques in medical-use polymers, BMG not only supplies various types of biomaterials but also is engaged in developing a broad range of medical devices including dental one.
Research and Development
BMG has been engaged in development of advanced medical technologies through long-term close research collaboration with Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, keeping its higher advanced techniques and taking the lead as biopolymer suppliers. BMG will keep advancing pioneering works to contribute to progress of the world’s medical technologies.