Research and Development Biodegradable Bone Fixation Material with High Strength/High Elastic Modulus

To get over the problems involved in clinically used bone fixtures containing
Poly-L-lactide (PLLA), BMG is endeavoring to develop a new bone fixation device, which is superior in mechanical strengh. The technology under research and development is ‘Bone Fixation Devices with the Time Limit Biodegradability with high-strength, high-elasticity-modulus and high bone-affinity’, which contributes to the improvement of patients’ QOL (quality of life) by making use of stereo-complex formation technology (scPLA).

What is stereo-complex of PLA?

Stereo-complex of PLA was firstly discovered by the group of Dr.Hyon (BMG’s CEO) in 1986.
Stereo-complex of PLA is a special crystal structure in which the poly L-lactic (PLLA) acid and poly D-lactic (PDLA) acid are arranged uniformly and alternately. Here L-lactic acid and D-lactic are positioned as right- and left-handed mirror images of each other.
The melting point of PLA’s stereo-complex is about 230℃, which is 50℃ higher than that of PLLA or PDLA.
It is not just heat resistance that is improved. Mechanical strength and hydrolysis resistance are improved too. As it is also useful as nucleating agent for crystallization of PLA, it is receiving large attention from industries and is widely used as industrial fiber globally.